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General terms:

General terms: The Charidance Camp participant declares to be in good health and fully insuranced.
The CDC participant allows Charidance to use recorded media during CDC for promotion.
Charidance is not reliable for accidents and damages, such as theft or loss of property.
The CDC participant follows the community´s rules and is responsable for damages caused by him / her.
Charidance reserves the right to change line up or acitivities at CDC.
In case of cancellation of the CDC event fees will be refunded. The participant should have paid a deposit/ installment 6 weeks after registrating.
75% of paid fees will be refunded in case of illness. A medical certificate will have to be provided to the organizer.
Single classes, All Week Holiday and All Week 10 can be upgraded. Dancers under 16 have to be accompanied and taken care of by a responsable person.
Dancer under 18 must bring an additional parents´signature.